About LAW Universe

About Law Universe

Welcome to Law Universe.

Every year (positively in the month of May) CLAT and AILET conduct entrance exam for the students having an interest in reading, pursuing and opting law as their career in life. Such an examination is not a cakewalk for those who have not done hard work and smart study. Many times, students find themselves in dilemma before opting law as a career because of some preconceived notion which has been proved to be a misnomer in the contemporary world. In recent times, it has been proved that the legal profession is a noble profession, one can aspire for. Undoubtedly, the law is one area which has a multitude of career options. However, getting through it is a TASK that needs determination in the leadership. Here, at Law Universe, we not only ensure your success but also groom you for a better future.

Currently, The Common Law Admission Test (the "CLAT") is the annual slugfest between the top aspirants for the elite National Law Universities (the "NLUs"). The examination is conducted for direct admissions to 19 different NLUs across the country, with only National Law University in Delhi, conducting a separate examination of its own i.e. the AILET.

Law Universe is imparting knowledge to be a pedestal in different NLU's. Law Universe is one of the premier law institutes for preparation of CLAT/AILET/Law Entrance Exam which offers you incomparable guidance by imparting the knowledge in the most ideal way. We, at Law Universe, ensure your success by claiming your hard work for the successful result in different Law Entrance Exam. Faculty at Law Universe are keen to set benchmarks by making the results. Faculty from one of the most prestigious law institutes such as NALSAR Hyderabad, enrich students with their experience and expertise.

This is a genuine effort to guide you in the right direction for your preparations. Clearing the exams is not difficult. You just have to catch the nerve of it. A complete devotion and full engrossment into your preparations makes you learn and understand faster. Intelligent and innovative studies are actually what makes you different from the others, and your being different is a must to get through. One should know what to study, how to study and how much to study. Each and every moment of your day should be intelligently planned.

Our Objectives

  1. Striving for the best possible education to ambitious students aspiring to join corporate world as IIT professionals.
  2. Creating a comprehensive understanding of the subjects & help developing strategies to meet arduous competitions among the students to match, excel & ameliorate the competition oriented education.
  3. Understanding the power of mind and Utilizing positive thinking for excellence.
  4. Utilizing visualization and affirmations for achieving excellence and Applying innovative learning techniques.

Vision & Mission


To be the best education service providing organization known for setting benchmarks in academic excellence, student satisfaction and result orientation.

Our mission is to serve society through excellence in education. We always aim to define, and continually refine, the absolute standard of excellence in the area of literature through -

  • The worthiness of education we provide.
  • The inefficiency of our methodologies and systems.
  • Truthfulness to students, parent and society.

In our students, we aspire to instill the attitudes, values, and vision that will prepare them for this competitive world and help them to excel throughout their life.


To provide unmatched excellent education that enriches live and creates success for our students.

  • Teaching and learning.
  • Advancement of the knowledge base trough quality education.
  • Leadership in education service.

Further, Pinnacle will be a leader in grooming it student who will be able to prove their potential to the world.

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